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When you tear it all apart, it's just DNA • Destroying what we fear • Hate is such an ancient game • When we're all that we have left, yet we aim to kill • Pretending that we're made of steel • Living in a battlefield.

May 2018



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22nd May, 2018

3:55 pm
Kylo Ren (Ben Solo)




Kylo Ren was born Ben Solo shortly after the second most disruptive galactic conflict in less than a century to two leaders in the winning side of that conflict, Han Solo & Leia Organa. Like his mother, Ben was born strong in the Force, a characteristic that would become a defining aspect of how his personality would grow and develop over his life. From an early age Ben recognized the importance of this Force sensitivity to how he interacted with others, from his father (who seemed to struggle to understand that aspect of him), to his mother (who seemed almost afraid of it at times even if she never said so), to his Uncle (who had expectations of being Ben following in his footsteps to be a Jedi). Ben wanted to please them all, desperately, but frequently felt insecure in his ability to do so.

That desire to please, to gain approval, and recognition, is a primary motivator for Kylo Ren as well. He knows that his Grandfather was one of the most famous, or infamous – depending upon your point of view – Force users the galaxy has known, and Kylo wants to live up to that history and that legacy. He believes that what his Grandfather was setting out to do would help repair the galaxy as it currently is, and that Kylo is the person to do it.

To that end, Kylo Ren is passionate and driven with a daring that can be almost reckless at times. He believes that he is part of a legacy and that he wants to believe that he has something to offer the galaxy that is special, important, and necessary for it to prosper and succeed. In his best moments, this offers a confidence, in his worst it is an audacious ego that will step on anyone who dares to side with the fear in his heart that he is not as important or necessary as he would like to believe that he is.

Kylo Ren has deep insecurities. They are strains that barely show on the surface, but that color all of his thoughts. In his heart he doubts whether he can ever be as important as his parents or Uncle, or perhaps most importantly his Grandfather. He doubts his ability to hold to the Dark Side, and to resist the pulls of the light – particularly the longing to be important to someone. It’s a desire for attachment that he recognizes as a weakness. At times he’ll reach out, try to pull someone in as a subordinate and in such instances he can be almost caring. The truth is that the potential to throw the passion and drive he throws at the Force into care for another human being exists – but he would have no guidebook to succeed in such a relationship. While he would eschew it as a weakness, someone who offered him genuine recognition and approval would likely provide him with something he wants so badly, that it would be difficult to push aside.

He’s a loner, but that has been more built out of history and necessity than desire – desire being quite the opposite. He was shy as a boy, his family, his history, his abilities, always meaning that he never felt quite at ease among other children, so making friends, true friends, was impossible. He lived in his mind, and with the imaginary friends that he kept there, some who turned out to be less imaginary. Truthfully, while he is reserved, he longs for someone to understand him, and when someone promises to see him, it’s easy for him to grasp onto that and believe it to his personal detriment. But because he is afraid of attachment, he runs away from most relationships, holding the people around him at arm’s length and never allowing them to fulfill that desire – it is weakness and some day he’ll bury it.

Kylo Ren has a pessimistic streak that is almost impossible for him to counter. He wants to believe in his own legacy, his abilities to do great things for the galaxy, and that there is an achievable greatness, but while he would say that he believes in these ideals, there is at times, a sort of resignation about his actual ability – something that is often enforced by those whom he is typically in contact with. He is aware of his reputation within the First Order, and it is something that he both loathes, and uses to his advantage at times. The mask that he wears helps to reinforce his separateness from most individuals, to project confidence even when he knows his face would give him away, and to seem unapproachable. The mask is also a protection from their expectations in a way.

The Force is important to him, but it has been a built religion that adheres not so much to the Jedi or to the Sith ideals, as to what Snoke has told him is important. He follows Snoke’s guidance to the letter, not trusting his own ability to make sense of the Force without that guidance. Because Snoke has given him the promise to see his value and understands his ‘legacy’ as the grandson of Darth Vader, Kylo doesn’t tolerate words against Snoke’s guidance, even if he sometimes doubts it himself. But when those doubts surface, he becomes moody and taciturn as he struggles with his own insecurities, which he sees as further examples of weakness that must be expelled.

On his own, left to his own devices, he is at times restless, but without the unreliability that threatens his professional societal encounters. He is a good cook, with a knack of putting ingredients together and pulling something decent out of it. There is reliability to the process that gives him the feeling of being in control, and if he’s cooking for someone else, there’s usually a sense of having done something worthy of some recognition because he is really good at it.

For all he would groan at his father’s jokes, the apple doth not fall far from the tree and Kylo has a dreadful sense of humor that some will not even catch, and those that do will be more likely to eye roll than laugh. Not that most people are likely to catch them because when in a social situation where he is not given the control of the situation, Kylo tends towards mumbling. When he isn’t in control of his body (more frequently than he’d like to admit) the restlessness can present itself in nervous motions such as his leg bouncing up and down while he sits, or tapping his fingers on a table.